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Sample Backdrops

Most of the time we use the venue as the backdrop.  There are times you may want something the venue does not provide. Here are our current backdrops for you to peruse. All of these backgrounds are PhotoSpot tested and approved to make you, and your friends, look great.

Black_Sequins_BackdropPremium Black Sequins

Silver_Sequins_Backdrop Premium Silver Sequins

Simple Black Backdrop Simple Black

White Backdrop Simple White

Premium_Black_Backdrop Premium Black

Grey Backdrop Grey Fabric

Cream BackdropCream

Blue Pattern BackdropBlue and Beige Pattern

Blue_FP_BackdropBlue FP Pattern


Cream / Blue Empire

Blue_Blue_Empire_BackdropBlue / Blue Empire




Green Screen

It’s not mentioned on our website, but the background for PhotoSpot can be just about anything you can imagine. How? With green screen technology. All of the photos are taken standing in front of a bright green backdrop, but the PhotoSpot preview shows you in front of the background so you can interact with it. The magic of green screen then removes the green background and uses another image for the background. It can be the same image for every photo or different images for each picture. See the previous post for examples.


See Your Pics

WCW_See_Your PicsThank you for coming out and trying PhotoSpot Photo Booth. Click on the image above to go to the gallery. Scroll down to see more posts from The Windy City Wedding Show.


Windy City Wedding Show

The PhotoSpot and Windy City Wedding Show logos

Come see us at the Windy City Wedding Show. Sunday February 17 • 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Carnivale Chicago • 702 West Fulton Street • Chicago, IL 60661 

Wedding packages will be discounted at the show. We will be taking pictures and printing strips all day. Please stop by and see Photospot in person.