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Sample Backdrops

Most of the time we use the venue as the backdrop.  There are times you may want something the venue does not provide. Here are our current backdrops for you to peruse. All of these backgrounds are PhotoSpot tested and approved to make you, and your friends, look great.

Black_Sequins_BackdropPremium Black Sequins

Silver_Sequins_Backdrop Premium Silver Sequins

Simple Black Backdrop Simple Black

White Backdrop Simple White

Premium_Black_Backdrop Premium Black

Grey Backdrop Grey Fabric

Cream BackdropCream

Blue Pattern BackdropBlue and Beige Pattern

Blue_FP_BackdropBlue FP Pattern


Cream / Blue Empire

Blue_Blue_Empire_BackdropBlue / Blue Empire




A Scary Halloween

101121-photospot single pic

Halloween Spooktacular. We used 4 different green screen backgrounds for these one image layouts. The backgrounds were chosen randomly, every picture was a fun surprise. PhotoSpot uses a live preview and shows you in the picture with the background so you can interact with it. The prints were 4×6 inches with the logo over the background (Our logo is just added for these web images). The response was amazing.  Let us makes your next event unique, fun and something your friends remember forever with amazing pictures.

101243-photospot single pic 101252-photospot single pic 101242-photospot single pic

101223-photospot single picThe backgrounds were downloaded from: and

Custom Photo Booth Rental in Chicago


We were very excited to work with the bride to bring her vision of a 30’s fair ground paper moon to the reception. Everything was custom designed for this wedding. The groom built the moon, and the bride painted the background. We designed a totally custom print. Using one image on a 4×6 print we created a sepia toned image with an irregular border and a slight blurring of the edges to create the antique feel. A little research and we found an art deco font ( Arno Pro ) for the wedding information. The result was fantastic. Extra prints were made of every session and the couple went home with a beautiful album created by their guests.

PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_01 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_08 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_03 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_09 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_07 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_06 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_12 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_04


PhotoSpot and a face painter makes a party!


This is a new single page layout. One picture with event information below on a 4×6 print.

Green Screen

It’s not mentioned on our website, but the background for PhotoSpot can be just about anything you can imagine. How? With green screen technology. All of the photos are taken standing in front of a bright green backdrop, but the PhotoSpot preview shows you in front of the background so you can interact with it. The magic of green screen then removes the green background and uses another image for the background. It can be the same image for every photo or different images for each picture. See the previous post for examples.