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Custom Photo Booth Rental in Chicago


We were very excited to work with the bride to bring her vision of a 30’s fair ground paper moon to the reception. Everything was custom designed for this wedding. The groom built the moon, and the bride painted the background. We designed a totally custom print. Using one image on a 4×6 print we created a sepia toned image with an irregular border and a slight blurring of the edges to create the antique feel. A little research and we found an art deco font ( Arno Pro ) for the wedding information. The result was fantastic. Extra prints were made of every session and the couple went home with a beautiful album created by their guests.

PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_01 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_08 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_03 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_09 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_07 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_06 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_12 PhotoSpot_Totally_Custom_Photo_Booth_04


PhotoSpot and a face painter makes a party!


This is a new single page layout. One picture with event information below on a 4×6 print.